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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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a yellow weather alert to tell you about now, a lot of you under a severe thunderstorm warning for part of the night. this is from annapolis just a bit earlier tonight. >> take a look at these stunning time lapse images from the chesapeake bay just off the shore of shadyside, maryland. >> wow. >> thanks for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. so far the storms have not caused any serious damage, but let's check in with
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meteorologist topper shutt. >> this is the storm right now over the bay pushing into the delmarva across easton and cambridge that brought you all the lightning and at one time did produce enough criteria to where a severe thunderstorm warning for charles county and st. marys county and more showers back towards the west. i think these showers in romney will peel across winchester, frederick in the overnight hours, early tomorrow morning. the heaviest rain now is over the bay headed towards st. michael's and lightning has dissipated, so the storm has also dissipated. futurecast, 7:00 tomorrow morning, you could have a wet commute coming down southbound 270, wet roads, temperatures upper 60s to around 70, 75 downtown. we'll come back, track the storms and have the evening commute and your 3-degree guarantee. right now at 11:00 a 1- month-old boy from northeast d.c. is home safe with his family tonight thanks to some
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quick thinking firefighters. the firefighters raced the boy to children's national medical center in the back of their truck when an ambulance wasn't immediately available. this latest scare is but the second such incident in the past week and it's raising some troubling questions tonight about the d.c.'s overburdened emergency fleet. garrett haake spoke to fire officials and the victim's mother today and has the latest from northeast. >> reporter: firefighters from this station, one of the busiest in d.c., raced to that child's apartment monday night after getting a call that a child had gone into cardiac arrest. engine 17 made it to the boy's apartment first just four minutes after getting the call which dispatched two fire vehicles and the closest available ambulance, 5 miles away at the time. eight minutes after the dispatched call went out a second fire truck arrived here at the house along with an ems supervisor. they decided that the boy's condition was too serious to wait any longer for an ambulance. the firefighters loaded the boy into their engine and sped off to children's national. he was awake and breathing by
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the time they arrived. department spokesman tim wilson credited the firefighters' judgment call. >> what we do know is that the child is home and well. so with this particular outcome i believe the family is happy with that. >> reporter: a similar case last week ended in tragedy with a 5-month-old dead. the closest ambulance in that case had been 7 miles away. the fire department says with just 39 ambulances on the streets of d.c. at any one time they're overwhelmed by calls for ems service. now regularly they get more than 500 each day. >> this isn't just a fire and ems problem. this is a city problem. >> reporter: dave statter, a former wusa9 reporter who now runs an ems website, says high demand, aging fleets and years of neglect have left first responders stretched too thin. >> they have to do this because they didn't learn from the past. the previous administration didn't buy ambulances and they didn't think ems is really as important as is and try to fix the system and allowed it to go
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into a great deal of disrepair of. >> reporter: at the boy's home tonight the grateful mother offered this for the rescue workers who were there when she needed them desperately. is there anything you want to say to those firefighters? they basically saved your son's life. >> i wanted to thank them. >> reporter: mayor bowser wants 10 additional ambulances on the streets of the district every day, but fire and ems officials say that's just not possible with the equipment and staff levels they have and until it is their workers will have to continue to adapt and improvise on the streets. in northeast d.c. garrett haake, wusa9. >> the investigation into the death of that 5-month-old baby is still going on. we'll bring you the findings as soon as they're released. continuing coverage tonight, a crisis for one of the wealthiest best performing and largest school districts in the country. fairfax county public schools has to cut up to $100 million from their upcoming budget. mola lenghi is live at south lakes high school. clearly no simple solutions here. >> reporter: that's right, jan. these budget cuts are so
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significant that the superintendent of schools says that they owe the community a say in what important programs have to get cut. nearly half a billion dollars has been cut from the fairfax county public school budget since 2008 and they're not done cutting. >> it's impossible to cut year after year after year and not have some appreciable impact. >> reporter: once again fcps' upcoming budget has to slash roughly $80 million, but where? >> they say eliminate band or elementary band, you just can't recover from that. >> you can't. >> reporter: suggestions include raising class sizes for the fourth time in five years, also cutting high school sports and extracurricular activities, cutting staff from coaches to social workers to assistant principals. >> none of these options are best for these kids of. >> reporter: no easy choices. the school district launched an online tool allowing parents to
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submit their ideas of where to cut. >> i think they'll see how painful these decisions are. >> it's really sad this we've gotten ourself in this position. our tax bill goes up, property taxes go up. it gets more and more expensive to live here, yet here we are with no money for our school. >> you can't continue to respond to increased needs, increased costs without any new revenue of. >> reporter: rising costs include enrollment growth, 3,000 new students just this year. also state mandated increases for retirement plans and growing healthcare costs. many here put much of the blame on the state and fairfax county board of supervisors. >> for years and years they don't give us the money needed. >> reporter: now they may also have to cut what they're used to. >> is the quality going to be the same? >> reporter: after considering the community's proposals and recommendations from a task force, the superintendent will present her final budget this upcoming january, but it obviously will be a difficult
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one. live in fairfax i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> you can find a link to that new budget cutting app on our new wusa9 app. check it out. now a story you'll only see on 9, you have children, then you know what the parents of 16- year-old venetia hawkins of alexander have been going through tonight. the daughter has been missing for a full 29 days. debra alfarone talked to those parents. ♪ i will enter this gate with thanksgiving in my heart ♪ . >> it has been a nightmare. now no one knows nothing. no one is saying anything about my baby. >> reporter: hannah daniels can count the number of hours she's slept since her daughter, 16-year-old venetia hawkins, disappeared. >> i don't know where my baby is. i haven't heard her voice since august 11th. ♪ oh i will revoice ♪ . >> as day goes by, it gets harder and harder.
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♪ victory today is mine i got it i got it ♪ >> reporter: about 100 people showed up to this alexandria church tonight, some who knew venetia and her family, some who didn't, all to join together in the power of prayer. did he nearby a's mom says -- venetia's mom says that and hope is really all she is. this community has passed out flyers before. tonight at the harvest assembly baptist church it's about holding up the parents. that's venetia's dad cecil hawkins, and keeping the young girl's spirit alive. >> venetia is a very beautiful girl. i mean she was gorgeous, can dance, sing. she is a wonderful auntie. she has 10 nieces and nephews and we love her so much. she's our baby. >> reporter: one by one they lit candles to end the night. >> somebody holler in jesus name. >> we just miss her so much and we just want her to come home.
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>> baby girl, come home. you know you can always talk to daddy about anything, so just come home. >> reporter: in alexandria, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> debra says if you have any information that might help bring venetia home, please call 911 or 1-800-the lost. a disgraced georgetown rabbi who secretly videotaped women undressing issued an apology from jail. prosecutors say barry freundel installed hidden cameras at a jewish congregation in georgetown and he may have recorded as many as 200 women. he pleaded guilty to charges of voyeurism and is serving a 6 1/2 year sentence. the public apology reads in part, "no matter how many times i attempt to apologize it will never be enough. there are simply no words to assuage the hurt that i caused." we have the complete apology on our new free wusa9 app available right now for you. tonight prince george's
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county police are looking for the killer who shot two men and a woman in capitol heights, maryland. it happened overnight along the 6800 block of jade court. 25-year-old george salas was pronounced dead at the scene. police don't believe this was a random attack. it's believed the group was targeted. the other man and woman are in the hospital. two children and three women were killed in a drunk driving crash. two of those women were sisters who had between them 10 kids now left without a mom. police say 26-year-old kenneth kelley was speeding down livingston road at 70 miles an hour when his mercedes plopped into another car. police skakel -- plowed into another car. police say kelley's blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit. the controversial nuclear deal with iran took center stage today in the campaign for president. two republican candidates ted
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cruz and donald trump were headliners in the rally against the deal staged on the west lawn of the capitol today. >> it is my hope and prayer that every one of those senate democrats reconsiders. >> never ever ever in my life very seen any so in competently negotiated as our -- any traction so in competently negotiated as our deal with iran. >> that rally was organized by the group tea party patriots. across town an event democrats spoke in favor of the iran deal. hillary clinton said the agreement is not perfect but going forward is the best way to keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> you remember president praying an's line about the soviets trust but verify? my approach will be distrust and verify. >> congress could vote on this plan by the end of the week. we're all here on earth as an assignment. so asia knew that her
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assignment would be shorter. >> pink balloons and the opportunity for education, how a young girl lost september 11th is living on through howard university. >> apple says the only thing that's changed is everything. so why are so many people saying tonight that the big launch today was a thud? >> a case of mistaken identity or racism? tennis star
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during ford's suv sign & go event. only at your local ford dealer. the morning team gotye through another start -- got you through another deadly start to the day on the triple shooting in prince george's county. >> much needed storms and cooler temperatures, i'll tell you when they roll through your neighborhood. we'll see you in the morning. friday will mark 14 years since 9/11. the grief is still sharp and brutal. parents of 1 young victim found a way to channel their sadness into joy. bruce leshan had a chance to talk to them. >> look. >> that's his face of. >> reporter: asia cotham's parents remember a smart bubbly 11-year-old who loved math and science and dreamed of being a
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pediatrician. >> we're all here on earth as an assignment. so asia knew her assignment would be shorter. >> reporter: asia was one of three d.c. middle schoolers flying to california on 9/11 on a national geographic scholars program. her dad had dropped her off at dulles. yeah. got my hug, got my kiss. she said i'll see you, see you when she gets back, see you soon. >> reporter: on his way back to work he heard the news about the planes crashing into the world trade center and then the jet piercing the pentagon. >> pretty much i knew then because i told two of my co- workers, i said that's my daughter's plane. >> reporter: asia's parents still grieve. >> don't get no easier of. >> reporter: but they remember asia by making the lives of dozens of other young people better. >> i believe if she was here now, she would be like a big sister figure. >> reporter: in 14 years her parents asia cotham foundation
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has given out 85 scholarships worth a total $250,000 to college and graduate students who want to make the world a better place. including herbert jackson, iii, at the howard university did i vin -- divinity school. >> it's the experience of watching asia graduate over and over and over. >> reporter: asia cotham would be 25 years old this year. so on september 11th her family will bring 25 pink balloons to a fundraiser here next-door to ben 's chili bowl and at 9:37, the moment the plane crashed into the pentagon, they'll release those balloons in her memory. in d.c. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> wow. instead of just a pediatrician asia's parents now say they have doctors, lawyers, nurses,
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ministers and i.t. experted all studying or graduating with money raised in her memory. our new show will be live at the fundraiser friday between 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning. they're going to have a big surprise for that foundation. former tennis pro james blake said he was thrown to the ground by police officers while being mistakenly arrested in new york city. tonight the nypd is investigating this incident. blake said he was tackled and put in handcuffs at a manhattan hotel earlier today while police were investigating stolen cell phones. the nypd said he was released as soon as they realized he had no connection to the case. blake said he only wants one thing now. >> reporter: were you on the ground? >> reporter: were you roughed up? >> i'll talk tomorrow. >> blake who is biracial said it's a matter of unnecessary police force no matter what his
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race. what happened to blake has some of you fired up on twitter. sarah weller tweeted they're only concerned because blake is famous, #notokay. don rhodes is devastated this could happen to someone that's such a nice guy, rapping actress holly robinson peach is concerned something like this could happen to her son. apple announced some new toys today, new iphones, ipads and a revamped apple tv. so far people stju aren't that fired up. apple said the new iphone will be faster, have new short-cuts and a better camera. that's hard to imagine. tech reviewers say that's what they always say when they announce new models. apple's new ipad pro measures 12.9 inches, as large as a laptop even, and the items getting the most jokes on twitter are pressure sensitive
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stylus called apple pencils. 6.2million, the nielsen rating company said that's how many americans stayed up to watch the debut of stephen colbert's late show last night. colbert's audience topped all of the late night ratings. the host was joined by guests george clooney, jeb bush, his house band led by john bautista. >> tonight stephen colbert will welcome scarlett johansson, spacex and tesla ceo elon musk and musical performance from kendrick lamar. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. you guys have been kind off a roll with this 3-degree guarantee this week. >> we have. i was literally sweating this one day and i'm worried about tomorrow. we went for a high of 91 today which we thought was enough, but you know what? we managed to make it to 94,
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which is still within three. >> there you go. >> so we're perfect for september and i think we're 28 of the last 29. now tomorrow i'm going to go 80 which actually in some respects is safe because it's 81 now. it will probably be a midnight high temperature tomorrow. i think many folks will hold in the 70s because of the extensive cloud cover and showers and storms. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 80 right now. so that's a good number i think for tomorrow. look at the dew points, low 70s, miserable, winds out of the south at about 9. here's first alert doppler over the last hour. that's the storm that produced all the light among and at one time the severe thunderstorm warnings in calvert county, prince george's county and into charles county. now we turn our attention to the west and we still have some pretty good showers. you see some yellows, a little bit of orange south of romney which indicates heavier rainfall and heavier storms approaching cumberland. i think these will get going over the nighttime hours and head over toward paw paw on our storm tracker at 12:35 and maybe up into hancock by 1:53.
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i think these sets of storms will kind of feel off and ride right around the border tomorrow morning, so a good chance for a wet commute frederick north up 270. keep that in mind if you're coming down south bound. bus stop temperatures 7 knows, a few showers possible north -- 70s, a few showers possible north of town, yellow alerts on thursdays. morning and evening commutes will be affected. if you don't get it in the morning, you might have some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. we're looking at friday, still nice, pleasant, maybe a few morning clouds but a pretty nice day. 6:00 in the morning here are the storms north of town, leesburg across the river into upper montgomery county approaching frederick and by 9:00 showers hagerstown, cumberland. these are heavy. orange and red out toward romney, temps in the 70s. by 1:00 some showers roll through the immediate metro area, but the heaviest activity is still north up into frederick and hagerstown, but by evening yeah saw that line of showers try -- you saw that line of showers try to develop
11:22 pm
through the metro area, that will give us the best chance of showers and storms trying to get home thursday evening. on the day planner storm possible any time, temps 80 by 1:00. next three days we're in good shape on friday, 84. i'm still concerned about some showers on saturday, 81. we got the terps in town, looks great for the burgundy and gold, wow, temps in the upper 70s, kind of refreshing, upper 70s monday, tuesday and 90s in our rear view mirror. >> i think that's a good thing. the new york mets own us. >> yeah, pretty much. in the clubhouse afterwards ian desmond called the sweep pretty devastating. i think we can all agree. with their season on the brink the nats bullpen
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> nationals fans heard the call from bryce harper. they have used every ounce of optimism they have left to cheer on the curly ws, but after yet another blown lead you can't blame them for calling it a season. stephen strasburg on the mound tonight throwing like the old
11:26 pm
stephen strasburg. the almighty righty finished with a season high 13 strikeouts. bryce harper doing his part in the first homer to the right to put the nats on the board first. they led 2-1 leading into the 8th, but cue the bullpen, more specifically bruce storens. second pitch, second batter, nats mess up, 4-2. storen can't believe it and strasburg like every nats fan shaking his head. mets completing the sweep. nats down seven with 23 games to go. >> well, i want to do everything we can to win a baseball game. i look at it every morning i get up and i look in the mirror and say, you know, do whatever you have to do today to help us win a game. so can we all do a better job? sure. >> yes. the day is almost here, redskins fans. the regular season for washington begins this sunday
11:27 pm
at fedex field against the miami dolphins. the players are ramped up excited to hit the field and show you all the hard work they put in to making you forget about just seven wins over the last two seasons. the offense will have their hands full with that -- full with suh and this defense who names themselves capital punishment are prepared to go live up to the nickname. >> it's just pressure on our defense to go out there and outperform their defense. we fool like we have a great front, but the talking is done. the regular season is here. we're putting in the work in practice and in the film room and it's put up or shut up from.s -- shut up. >> it appears not everyone is that confident. when d jack was asked if they
11:28 pm
were contenders this year, after a long pause he said how about i say let me see what i can answer to that question. that didn't seem like a vote of confidence. >> i like his answer, though,
11:29 pm
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months.
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congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal. that's wusa9 news for tonight. >> have a great night, everybody. see you tomorrow. >> bye.
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♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: welcome to the "late show." ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: thank you very much. >> stephen! stephen. >> stephen: oh, that's lovely. thank you. ( cheers and applause ) thank you, ladies and gentlemen,


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